Pc Gaming

5 05 2010

Hello again its been I while since I posted. I’m going to start reviewing PC games on my blog now. I think the first one will be Dawn of War and its Expansions.


Motor Storm

10 09 2009

Motor Storm is a bash em’ up racing game which has lots of cool content. The Tornement mode is the single player mode were you race through different events to unlock new vehicles. there are heaps of vehicles to choose from including motor cross bikes, buggys, rally cars, ATVs and big rigs. IN those groups there are different coulor vehicles and different shapes to choose from. The tornement has about 20 different events each with a number of races. Some events have vehicle restrictions like, ATVs only. The destructability of things gives it a realistic feel, Bikes can blow up from getting rammed but big rigs are virtualy indestuctable. When you get to the end of the race you could have had all your doors stripped of and be left with a driving frame. The track is highly desturctable aswell with broken cars barrels fences and buildings that can be smashed up. The tracks are based on beaches , desserts, cannyens and foressts to name a few. The only inprovment I can think of is to have a offline multiplayer. This game is exellent and I rank it 9/10 for people from 8 years up.

Little Big Planet Again

8 09 2009

Some people are asking what you use to hold up object, In create mode you can use glue to stick it to another object or you can use string , rubber band or rods. In story mode the obejcts are already stuck together but if something is not and is small enough you can push it or if its foam pull it.

Little Big Planet

17 08 2009

Little big planet is a platformer game which sees you as a sack boy that runs around solving puzzles and building things.

This game is a physics based game were things fall down unless they are held up. There are two game modes, story mode and create mode. In story mode you play through a series of premade levels trying to solve the mystery of the creaters. In story mode you can collect costume pieces and various items that are used to build that level, aswell as the fun of doing jumps on a giant skate board.

In create mode you design your own levels using the items supplied and the ones you make. To make your own items they give you a couple of different materials, such as string, rubber bands, motors, switches, buttons and so on. The different materials have different traits, for example rubber grips, glass is slippery, and dark matter cannot fall.

After you have made your level you can play it with up to four players on your Ps3. All in all it’s lots of fun for people of all ages. I rate it very high for people that like a laugh, like to make things or just want a good puzzle.

Lego Indiana Jones

1 08 2009

Today Im going to rewiew Lego Indiana Jones on Ps3. Lego Indiana is  a virtualy a copy of StarWars Lego, with a few changes to the gameplay and a couple of diferent ideas. Your based in Barnnet collige were there are a couple of puzzles to sort out. There is three epidodes each with 6 parts that you can play in story mode or freeplay mode although you have to play the story mode first. You can play most of the characters including the bad guys. The storys have lots of puzzles that realy give it that real Indiana feel. some different features are vehicles like trucks cars and bikes that you can drive around in squashing people but its a bit annoying when they dont lose any health. Indiana has his bull whip with him which comes in handy a couple of times through out the story but when you create a character he automaticly gets a bull whip wich then gets rid of the need to use Indiana in freeplay at all. I recomend it to people from 5 to 12 though it can sill be interesting to older people.

Welcome to my blog

2 07 2009

Welcome to my my blog. I will be doing a game review every weekend on Ps3 games. Hope you enjoy the reviews 🙂